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Blackout Hong Kong


Product Details

  • Players: 1-4
  • Playing Time: 75-150 Min
  • Age: 14+
  • Mechanisms: Area Majority/ Influence, Card Drafting, Deck, Bag and Pool Building, Dice Rolling, Hand Management, Network and Route Building
  • Designer: Alexander Pfister
  • Contents: 1 Game Board, 4 Player Boards, 136 Cards, 3 Custom Dice, 1 Starting Player Marker, 20 Secured District Markers, 100 Wooden Cubes, 48 Scout Tiles, 4 Score Discs, 50 Coins, 24 Transport Tokens, 4 Locked Markers, 12 GPS Tokens, 4 Markers 0-6, 1 Rulebook


Hong Kong has been struck by a large scale unexpected blackout. As the government struggles to maintain control, you decide to take matters into your own hands and try to bring back some kind of societal order! Daily life as you were used has quickly dissolved. Even the most mundane tasks become incredibly challenging without electric power. Whoever best manages this situation and restores the semblance of order, will surely claim a position of power in post-blackout Hong Kong!

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Great purchase experience

Purchasing experience from this store was great during the whole purchasing process. 5/5 star customer service from start to finish

Great fake snow for your miniatures.

Really easy to use, and gives a great fake snow effect to your miniatures base. A thin layer is slightly translucent and looks like melting snow. Applying more will make it look heavier snowfall.

The best place to start!

Wow what can I say, this is such a great idea. When my step son asked me to learn how to play “real Pokémon” (as in IRL not on a computer) I have to say I was a bit daunted! But this made it feel like I was learning a board game. It starts with the basics and then you can build up to playing with the more advanced rules.

I am even building my own deck now!

Is really amazing if his friends want a match and don’t have there own cards! As there are three to choose from.

Really recommend!


Bought this game for my son for his birthday, we played it and it is a really good game, easy to learn the quality is excellent.

All the bits!

Love these kits just wish GW would do more then one pre army