Water Crystal Cup - 4th/5th May 2019

  • £25.00

Athena Games is proud to be working with Square Enix for the Final Fantasy TCG Water Crystal Cup.

Date and Time:

The Event will be hosted on the 4th and 5th May.
Doors will open at 10:00 AM and the Tournament will start at 11:00 AM.


This Event will feature the limited Format – Draft as well.

Day 1: Constructed Swiss-Rounds based on the number on Participants. (Best-of-One)

Day 2: Top 32 Draft (Best-of-One) followed by a Top 8-Cut (Best-of-Three) in Constructed again

The Points from Day 1 will be carried into the Draft-Rating - you will Draft in Tables of 8 Players, but you can face all Players.
What is different in Competitive-Draft?

  • You need to build a deck of at least 40 Cards
  • You only need to deal 6 damage to win the game
  • You can have more than 3 copies of each card in your deck
  • You will draft 5 packs of Opus 8
  • All other normal rules apply!

You will play 4 Rounds of Draft on Day 2 and the Points will be combined with the Points from Day 1 to determinate the Top 8 which will play best-of-three constructed with the decks they used on Day 1!

Some more information about Draft:

  • The Draft is only for Day 2 and only for the Top 32 Players, all other players can participate in a Side-Event of course
  • The Draft will be using stamped cards and all cards will be non-foil. The Foil Card will be randomly replaced by different non-foil card from the Set. All the Foil Cards will be added as Extra Price Support.
  • The Draft will be timed, and you are only allowed to look at your Picks after each completed pack.
  • The Points from Day 1 will be carried into Day 2, this means that the Swiss will continue for 4 more Rounds and all Tiebreakers will remain as well, this realized with Cross-Pairing - this means you can play against players outside your Draft-Table but still players with the same (or similar) numbers of Wins. Your Day2-Round 1 Opponent will be on the same Table, sitting 3 spaces away from you in each direction.

Prizes and Side-Events:

We will announce all Side-Events and the Prizes soon.
The Winner will receive his Slot at this year's World Championship in USA with his flight and accommodation sorted by us.
The whole Top 4 will also qualify for this year's European Championship
Every Participant will receive a unique Participation item and there will be more special prizes for sure.


PLEASE NOTE: That no ticket will actually be sent out or be available to collect in store. However it will add you to the pre-paid list for the tournament. Please bring your confirmation email as proof of purchase.

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