Magic the Gathering War of the Spark Prerelease

Magic the Gathering - War of the Spark Prerelease

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Be there when it ends. Athena Games in Norwich is proud to announce the events for the War of the Spark Prerelease. This set sees the fight between Nicol Bolas and the Gatewatch turn into an all-out war. Who will emerge victorious?

"Do I need to bring anything to take part?"
Everything you need for the event will be provided as part of the prerelease pack. However you may want to bring or buy some sleeves to protect your new cards.

Date and Times of events:
Friday 26th April
18:45-22:15 Event 1, Sealed capped at 3 rounds

Saturday 27th April
11:00-17:30 Event 2, Sealed capped at 6 rounds
14:00-17:30 Event 3, Sealed capped at 3 rounds*
18:00-21:30 Event 4, Sealed capped at 3 rounds

Sunday 28th April
11:00-16:00 Event 5, 2HG Sealed capped at 4 rounds
16:00-19:30 Event 6, Sealed capped at 3 rounds

*The 14:00 Saturday event is a unique event designed for new players of Magic, although everyone can take part. Everyone who takes part will get two boosters instead of the prizes listed below.


Until 19th April: £22.50 per ticket.
20th April onwards: £25 per ticket

You can also purchase a 'weekender ticket' that will enrol you in 5 events, that's all the events except for the Saturday afternoon event (event 3). Weekend tickets are available for £100. To get this ticket, just add the tickets into the cart and enter code "sparkweekender" at checkout.

When purchasing a ticket in-store or from our website, please make sure you buy a ticket for the correct day and time as the event you wish to attend. Also please put player names in the "Special instructions for seller" section.

We will form a prize pool of boosters, adding two boosters per player who enters an event. Everyone who completes a round is guaranteed to walk away with at least one!

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