Warhammer 40K 2000 points - 27th October

Warhammer 40K 2000 points - 27th October

  • £10.00

Structure: 3 Swiss Rounds
Entry Fee: £10
Register by: 9:20am

Welcome to our Warhammer 40K singles tournament. We are trying something different this time in terms of prizes, with an amount of store credit per player being added to the prize pool which is then split amongst the top finishers.

Army Composition

Select a Battle-forged army of up to 2000 points using the rules and restrictions in the Matched Play section of the Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook, Chapter Approved and the latest FAQ.

When building your force, remember to include the points for the model and any wargear that it has.

Once you are happy with your army, you must record it on an army roster. All text must be clearly readable for us and your opponent to check. You will need to hand one copy of your army roster in at registration, and have at least one other copy to show to your opponents before each game. You must use the same army roster for each game, and all choices available to you must be noted down on your army roster. Remember that your roster must include things like who your general is, army allegiance, the allegiance abilities you will use, artefacts of power, spells, and the number of leaders, artillery and behemoth models in your army.

Any kind of ability you can choose before the game must be decided on before the event and recorded on your army roster. This includes things like Mark of Chaos for Slaves to Darkness Chaos Warriors. These choices are made for the entire event, and as they are part of your army roster, cannot be changed during the event.

There is no requirement for your army to be painted for this event but it would automatically disqualify you for our painting award.


We will be offering prizes for the top 3 players as well as the Most Sporting Opponent and a best-painted army awards.

Prize Structure:
£5 Store Credit per player, split amongst top finishers.

Most Sporting Opponent - Every player will be asked to pick one game that they enjoyed most that day. The player who receives the most votes will win the most sporting player award. - £15 Store credit

The Wooden Spoon

Painting Awards:
Best Army Award - Judges' Choice - £15 Store credit
If you wish for your army to be entered into the competition then just let the Event Staff know when giving in the result for your first game. Please then leave your army out over the lunch break so our Judge can take a look at everyone and make a decision.

PLEASE NOTE: That no ticket will actually be sent out or be available to collect in store. However it will add you to the pre-paid list for the tournament.

Also please put all player names in the comments.

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