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Roleplaying Games (RPG)

  • Genesys Core Rulebook Cover

    Genesys Core Rulebook

    Product Details System: Genesys Genre: Generic Category: Rulebook Year Published: 2017 Format: Hardback Description Face down a dragon as a ...

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  • Cypher System Rulebook Cover

    Cypher System Core Rulebook 1st Edition

    Product Details System: Cypher System Genre: Generic Category: Rulebook Year Published: 2014 Format: Hardback Description What will your Cyp...

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379 reviews
Great Box for any Starting Sylvaneth.

Decent Starters Kit for any starting Sylvaneth. Treelord can be made into it's Ancient and Spirit of Durthu variants if you want an additional Leader, and Dryad kits are quite posable. Lots of extra bits like insects and owls if you want to add additional features to your models also!

Overall a solid Get Starting box!

Great Stuff

Good and different to the normal grass

A good addition to the Necron Army

Good model to add to any Necron army. Easy to build.

Ticket to Ride Europe

A Gem From The Past

Fantastic pricing for a product I wish WOTC still made!

Though the clash pack is higher priced than the recent starter kits, the value and playability (in my opinion) is significantly higher.

A perfect starting point for any player looking to get into Magic The Gathering!