Dead Of Winter Warring Colonies

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Product Details

  • Players: 4-11
  • Playing Time: 45-120mins
  • Age: 12+
  • Mechanisms: Action Point Allowance System, Area Movement, Co-operative Play, Dice Rolling, Hand Management, Storytelling, Variable Player Powers, Voting
  • Designer: Colby Dauch, Jonathan Gilmour, Timothy Meyer, Isaac Vega
  • Contents: 50 Crossroads Cards, 11 Crisis Cards, 4 Main Objective Cards, 15 Survivor Cards, 1 Sand Timer, 2 Combat Dice, 8 Lone Wolf Secret Objectives, 14 Lone Wolf Mission Cards, 10 Tactics Cards, 33 Bullet Tokens, 15 Survivor Standees, 1 Lone Wolf Den Location, 1 Combat Tracker, 1 Rulebook, 1 Lone Wolf Morale Traccker, 15 Plastic Standee Stands, 43 Random Item Cards, 10 Player Reference Sheets


In the Warring Colonies variant, unique main objectives set two colonies against each other as they battle for territory with a new fighting system that includes tactics cards, bullet tokens, and 12-sided combat dice. New and terrible joint-colony crisis cards force cooperation and coercion every round. And the odd-man-out Lone Wolf adds chaotic balance as she pursues her own secret goals while keeping both colonies in check.

Warring Colonies comes with 15 new survivors, 50 new crossroad cards, 43 new items, and 11 new crisis cards, many of which can be used in any game of Dead of Winter. But the real excitement comes when you combine your Dead of Winter base set with the Dead of Winter: The Long Night standalone expansion. Then, you can also add in 7 new main objectives, 2 combat dice, battle tactics cards, bullet tokens, and the combat track to fight your friends in 4-11 player mayhem! If an 11-player game of Dead of Winter seems like a daunting task, fear not! New simultaneous turn mechanics and a sand timer keep things moving at a brisk pace. 



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