Eight Minute Empire

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Product Details

  • Players: 2-5
  • Playing Time: 8-20 Minutes
  • Age: 13+
  • Mechanisms: Area Control / Area Influence, Area Movement, Card Drafting, Set Collection
  • Designer: Ryan Laukat
  • Contents: 5 Sets of: 14 Wooden Cubes and 3 Wooden Discs, 1 Double-Sided Board, 42 Cards, 44 Coin Tokens, 10 Goods Tokens, Rulebook


Eight-Minute Empire is the super-quick area control game with tough decisions. It’s easy to learn and perfect for when you only have a few minutes.

In Eight-Minute Empire, 2-4 players take turns selecting a card from six displayed. The card gives a good, and also has an action that the player takes immediately. Actions help players take over the map, but sets of goods are worth points at the end of the game, so players have to balance the two aspects.

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