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Epic Spell Wars Of The Battle Wizards Melee At Murdershroom Marsh

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Product Details

  • Players: 2-6
  • Playing Time: 30mins
  • Age: 15+
  • Mechanisms: Dice Rolling, Hand Management, Take That
  • Designer: Matt Hyra, Cory Jones
  • Contents: 120 Spell Cards, 8 Wild Magic Cards, 8 Oversized Wizard Cards, 25 Treasure Cards, 25 Dead Wizards Cards, Lots of Tokens, 5 Six-Sided Dice, 1 Murdershroom Standee


Epic Spell Wars is back with Melee at Murdershroom Marsh! Fully compatible with the previous releases, or played standalone, this latest set has all new mayhem and explosions to scratch that spell-building itch.

Features two new keywords: Cantrip and Bad Trip. Cantrips are spells that can be played out of your hand at the cost of discarding other cards. Great for when you hand is jammed with too many cards of one type. Bad Trip is all about the colours, man.

If your spell contains four or more different glyphs, a Bad Trip card resolves twice! You can get that pretty easily as half of the Delivery Spells are DUAL GLYPHED. Boom! See, explosions. The other half of the Deliveries are Creatures. Yes, they are back!!!!