Game Design Masterclass with James Wallis

Game Design Masterclass - 11th October

  • £30.00

SPEND A HIGH-ENERGY EVENING learning the art and science of creating tabletop games, guided by veteran designer James Wallis. Starting with a walk-through that explains how games work and how to engineer them, you’ll come up with a concept, build it into a prototype, and take it through multiple rounds of testing, evaluation and improvements, under his watchful eye. Suitable for beginners (12+) and experienced designers alike.

James Wallis is the mind behind the classic games Once Upon a Time and The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen. He runs a games consultancy, teaches game design at London South Bank University, and writes for Tabletop Gaming magazine.

Masterclass is due to begin at 6:30pm, please aim to arrive around 6:15pm so we can begin promptly.

PLEASE NOTE: That no ticket will actually be sent out or be available to collect in store. However it will add you to the pre-paid list for the tournament.

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