Guild Ball Open - 8th September

Guild Ball Open - 8th September

  • £10.00

Format: Regional Cup Format
Structure: Swiss Rounds
Start Time: 9:30 am.
Player Cap: 32

Athena Games is proud to present the Guild Ball Open. Gather your team and prove you have the skill to be the best.

The tournament will run until a Player has more Tournament Points than anyone else. The usual number of rounds is:
8 or fewer: 3 rounds
9-16: 4 rounds
17-32: 5 rounds

09:00 - Registration
09:30 - Round 1
11:40 - Round 2
13:40 - Lunch
14:10 - Round 3
16:20 - Round 4
18:30 - Round 5*
20:30 - Prize distribution
20:45 - Tournament end

Entry Price £10

We ask that players please bring their phone with a chess clock app on them as we do not have chess clocks here. We recommend GBTimer:

Tournament Rules
We will be using the Regional Cup format.

Regional Cup document:

Each game is 45 minutes per person with a 20-minute clock out each. 110 minutes in total.

Items from the official Organised Play kit.

There will also be £5 of store credit added to the prizes for every player in the tournament. This will then be split amongst the top finishing players.

Players will also receive a couple of Athena tournament dice for taking part.

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