Heroes of Land, Air & Sea

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Product Details

  • Players: 1-4
  • Playing Time: 120-180 Minutes
  • Age: 14+
  • Mechanisms: Action Point Allowance System, Area Control / Area Influence, Take That, Variable Player Powers, Worker Placement
  • Designer: Scott Almes
  • Contents: 4 Capital City Boards (1 per Faction, 80 Miniatures (20 per Faction), 12 Hero Cards (3 per Faction), 32 Constructs (One-Time Assembly Required): 12 Capital Cities (3 stackable levels per Faction), 12 Towers (3 per Faction), 4 Sea Vessels (1 per Faction), 4 Air Vessels (with 4 plastic stands, 1 per Faction), 12 Faction Tokens (3 per Faction), 1 Game Board (Map), 28 Tactic Cards (7 Cards for each player), 60 Spell Cards, 8 Solo Enemy Cards, 94 Exploration Tokens (70 Land, 24 Sea), 15 Resource Tokens (5 Ore, 5 Mana, 5 Food), 1 First Player Token, 1 Quick Reference Sheet



In Heroes of Land, Air & Sea you will need to expand your kingdom, your army and your reach. Building certain structures in your Capital will allow you to recruit Heroes! And, Heroes become better as you level up your Capital City. Recruit all of your serfs and warriors and you'll trigger the end of the game!


This wouldn't be much of a 4X without the most important X, exploitation! Simply collecting resources and turtling in your castle won't get you very far in Heroes of Land, Air & Sea. Players will need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their faction and that of their opponents to assure victory. Part of that is knowing when and where to build your towers to secure area control. Build 3 towers and you'll trigger the end of the game!


Heroes of Land, Air & Sea features a luckless combat system that requires timing and wits. To resolve a war, players compare the strength value of their armies, as modified by their selection of a single Tactic Card, highest strength wins. Each player has an identical deck of 7 Tactic Cards and, in each war, must secretly choose one of the 7 to play in conjunction with their army. This gives players perfect information on the potential manoeuvrers of their opponent. But, how you will exploit this during play is up to you to discover! Destroy an opponent's Capital City and you'll trigger the end of the game!


Victory points can be earned during play for winning wars, casting spells, and certain hero abilities; and at the end of the game for certain units trained, regions controlled, buildings built, towers built (based on their distance from your Capital City), and the level of your Capital City. Whoever have the highest victory points at the end of the game, wins!