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Product Details

  • Players: 2-5
  • Playing Time: 90mins
  • Age: 14+
  • Mechanisms: Worker Placement
  • Designer: Bruno Cathala, Florian Sirieix
  • Contents: 1 Game Box, 1 Printed Paper Tray, 5 Plastic Models, 5 Folding Screens, 1 Rulebook, 1 Central Board, 74 Cards, 5 Cardboard Player Boards, 14 Project Tiles, 65 Carton Victory Points Tokens, 30 Wooden Tokens, 1 Storage Box, 60 Wooden Cubes, 70 Plastic Cubes, 70 Plastic Gems, 15 Carton Tokens


Through the mist, you can just about see the gigantic form of the factory. This is where the essence of dreams is shaped! We will enter the factory through the grand entrance. Here are the famous machines! You can repair, combine or dismantle them. They will produce the resources needed to repair more powerful machines. I am sure that you will quickly make the best use of your resources and the space available in your workshop to carry out the projects of the design office and gain Victory points!


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400 reviews
Better then a Hot cup of tea on a Cold winters day

I have great service, they let me know what was happening with my order, when it was posted, when I should get it and give me a tracking number. Which I didn’t need as it arrived when I was told it would.
Well packed, definitely will use again and would recommend 👍👍. Thank you.

Cowboy Bebop sleeves

Really good quality sleeves with a classic Cowboy Bebop art style.


Was ready to collect within minutes of ordering, friendly and safe collection process!
The premium collection is a very cool box, mostly purchased for the play mat, the pins are nice and 8 packs of a hard to find set!

Always the best from Athena

Thanks guys!

Kit bashing galore

Awesome kit, loads of kit bashing potential!