Magic 2019 All 5 Prerelease Weekender

Magic the Gathering Magic 2019 All 5 Prerelease Weekender - 7th/8th July

  • £100.00
  • Save £25

Core sets are back! After a short break, this year sees the return of the core set. Prereleases are a great chance to get the latest Magic cards early as well as a fun way to learn more about the game.

The weekender is a special ticket allowing you to take part in all 5 main prereleases over the weekend. Please note that you will need a partner for the 2HG prerelease.

"Do I need to bring anything to take part?"
Everything you need for the event will be provided as part of the prerelease pack. However you may want to bring or buy some sleeves to protect your new cards.

The Prerelease pack contains:
- 6 Magic 2019 booster packs.
- 1 Randomised date-stamped, premium promo card.
- 1 Spindown life counter.

Date and Times of events:
Saturday 7th July
00:01-03:00 Event 1, Sealed with pizza capped at 3 rounds
11:00-17:00 Event 2, Sealed capped at 6 rounds
18:00-21:00 Event 4, Sealed capped at 3 rounds

Sunday 8th July
11:00-16:00 Event 5, 2HG Sealed capped at 4 rounds
16:00-20:00 Event 6, Sealed capped at 4 rounds

When purchasing a ticket in-store or from our website, please make sure you buy a ticket for the correct day and time as the event you wish to attend.

Everyone who completes a round is guaranteed to walk away with at least one! We will add another booster per player into the prize pool for the top finishing players after the tournament.

We will also have Ultimate Guard Trophy bags for the top finisher in each tournament.

PLEASE NOTE: That no ticket will actually be sent out or be available to collect in store. However it will add you to the pre-paid list for the tournament.

Also please put all player names in the comments.

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