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Majesty For The Realm


Product Details

  • Players: 2-4
  • Playing Time: 20-40 Minutes
  • Age: 7+
  • Mechanisms:  Card Drafting, Set Collection
  • Designer: Marc André
  • Contents: 10 1-point chips, 25 2-point chips, 25 10-point chips, 6 50-point chips, 4 100-point chips, 32 Location Cards, 60 Character Cards, 4 Worker Cards, 30 Wooden Meeples, Summary Rulesheet, Rulebook


Enter the Middle Ages and recruit your loyal subjects. In this land, whoever has the most gold wears the crown. The crown is up for grabs to whoever can build the richest domain and seize it from their rivals. It’ll take a whole kingdom’s worth of people to accomplish this monumental task. Rally your citizens, grow your power, and reign supreme in Majesty: For the Realm, a game of strategically selecting who you want to work your lands set during the Middle Ages. Each game, you recruit characters to perform jobs that generate gold for your kingdom. Some characters work better with others, opening many paths to victory. Whether you choose to be a silver-tongued monarch who rules with mercy, or an iron-fisted tyrant who crushes their rivals, the fate of the land rests with you.

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The best place to start!

Wow what can I say, this is such a great idea. When my step son asked me to learn how to play “real Pokémon” (as in IRL not on a computer) I have to say I was a bit daunted! But this made it feel like I was learning a board game. It starts with the basics and then you can build up to playing with the more advanced rules.

I am even building my own deck now!

Is really amazing if his friends want a match and don’t have there own cards! As there are three to choose from.

Really recommend!


Bought this game for my son for his birthday, we played it and it is a really good game, easy to learn the quality is excellent.

All the bits!

Love these kits just wish GW would do more then one pre army

Extra layer of strategy

Great addition to a great game. Adds some of the coolest characters and unique abilities to your squadrons. Han vs boba getting I mean come on, it doesn't get any cooler than that. Great value package.

Great models

Great models, the moulds are amazing