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Card Pack JemHadar - Star Trek Attack Wing

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Jem’Hadar Attack Ships are small, somewhat insectoid attack fighters that are tremendously sturdy. In fact, they’re so sturdy that they’re able to collide with a planet’s surface, remain intact, and take off again without incident. These Jem’Hadar ships were also used as small troop transports. Once one of these ships landed, it could open a hatch on its bottom to deploy Jem’Hadar warriors. While these ships are both capable attack fighters while in the vacuum of space and fantastic troops transports, they are incapable of fighting while in sub-orbital flight. 

Contents: 12 Cards 15 Tokens

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its easy to book a table online.....thanks.

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Jay O'Donnell
Lovely dice but cursed

Lovely looking dice, have 2 sets now, but I'm 100% they are cursed as I've keep failing with them.... 🤣

Good stuff!

A new Tin box

I got more room for more cards

Great store, great people, great website, great game

Really great experience shopping with these guys n girls, store is excellent so is the webstore, fast delivery cheap price will be using these guys a lot more!