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Cardassian Card Pack - Star Trek Attack Wing

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In the late 24th century, the Cardassians sent one of these missiles to destroy a Maquis base on the Planetoid Alpha 441 in the Demilitarized Zone. The ATR-4107 proved unstoppable even in the face of every piece of weaponry the Maquis attacked it with. Upon reaching its target, the missile failed to detonate due to an archaic kinetic detonator malfunctioning. The Missile instead drifted into orbit around the planetoid where B’Elanna Torres later boarded, reprogrammed, and upgraded the missile to work for the Maquis.

11 Cards
3 Tokens

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Base Caledor Sky (12ml)

Nice Set of Dice

After all, purple is the colour of magic

Good Quality Sleeves

. I like to use Dragon Shield sleeves for my Commander decks and these ones keep to the same high standard. It's been a bit of a hardship trying to find these sleeves in the UK but I got them here at a decent price and they were delivered fast and with no fuss

Oakie Doakie Dice Dice Bag Small Blue
Thomas Beare
nice little dice & more bag

needed a little bag to store dice and some tokens for killteam has a good tension on the opening to auto close and isnt so stong as to be anoying during use.
As always Athena has what i need

Excellent Service

10/10 Service and quick posting