The Grimm Forest Box Contents

The Grimm Forest

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  • Players: 2-4
  • Playing Time: 45-60mins
  • Age: 8+
  • Mechanisms: Set Collection, Simultaneous Action Selection, Take That
  • Designer: Tim Eisner
  • Contents: 4 Gather Location Boards, 45 House Sections, 4 Player Boards, 45 Single Resource Tokens, 15 Mega Resource Tokens, 4 Pig Miniatures, 1 Starting Player Miniature, 6 Creature Miniatures, 56 Fable Cards, 25 Friend Cards, 16 Gather Cards, 4 Player Aids


Welcome to The Grimm Forest, where family members of the legendary Three Little Pigs are having an epic house building competition. But this is no ordinary competition as all the most famous Fairy Tale characters will be looking on and occasionally lending a hand.