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Tragedy Looper: Midnight Circle Expansion

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Product Details

  • Players: 2-4
  • Playing Time: 120 Minutes
  • Age: 14+
  • Mechanisms: Grid Movment, Memory, Partnerships
  • Designer: BakaFire
  • Contents: Rulebook, Master Book, 4 Summary Sheets, 4 Character Cards, 6 Basic Tragedy Script Cards, 8 Midnight Zone Script Cards, 10 Mystery Circle Script Cards


In Midnight Circle, the Protagonists unravel new time mysteries that take Tragedy Looper in new and exciting directions. The expansion includes two new tragedy sets—Midnight Zone and Mystery Circle—each focusing on its own theme. Each set features new characters, roles, plots and Incidents that keep Protagonists guessing as they get to the bottom of each mystery.

In Midnight Zone, the world is full of lies and intrigue. Although its mysteries have all the recognizable elements of Tragedy Looper scenarios, the atmosphere is quite different. Focusing on the concepts of lies and deception, gathering information becomes even more important. Revealed roles and the incidents on the summary sheet can no longer be trusted. Protagonists must pierce the veil of lies to determine the truth.

Mirroring classic detective stories, Mystery Circle takes place in a world devoid of the supernatural and fantastic. There are no evil spirits, no mysterious viruses, no superhuman powers. Instead, humans are the sole answer to all riddles. In these mysteries, Incidents are more than spice to add to the scripts; they play a central part in the tragedies. This also means that finding the culprits is more important than ever. By tracking them down, Protagonists get one step closer to breaking the loop. In fact, culprits are so important in Mystery Circle that some plots require you to find them.

Remember, this is a world where only logic and deduction prevail. Use all of your powers to solve the mystery and thwart the Mastermind! 


The Tragedy Looper Base Game is required to enjoy this game.