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Ultimate Guard 9-Pocket ZipFolio XenoSkin Blue

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High quality Portfolio with flexible and durable cover, innovative XenoSkin™ surface and
20 integrated 9-pocket-pages for all standard- and Japanese-sized gaming cards.
Zipper closure for extra security!

- Zipper closure for secure transportation and major protection!
- Holds 360 standard-sized cards in ULTIMATE GUARD Sleeves
- 20 archival safe 9-Pocket Pages
- Acid free, no PVC
- Innovative XenoSkin™ cover with durable anti-slip texture!
- Side-loading pocket design for increased card protection!
- Dimensions: 354 x 260 x 25 mm

Customer Reviews

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Dominic F

Having used this product to store my cards, I trust its ability to protect them. Its thick exterior layer allows for it to be carried without the concern that the cards could be bent through too much forced being exerted on the surface, and a secure weave surrounding the cards supports them with enough pressure to reduce their movement and their ability to fall out.

However, I would recommend using this portfolio along with card sleeves to allow for additional protection if the cards do fall out. This will also help avoid any cards being bent if they are placed along the spine of the portfolio where the pages bend (although I have not experienced any issues yet).