Ultimate Werewolf (Pegasus)

Ultimate Werewolf (Pegasus)

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16th Century: Suddenly the peaceful country life is over for the inhabitants, because there are some unfriendly werewolves hiding in the small village. The werewolves are slowly spreading and a real danger for all the humans, who live there. Can you rescue the complete village with the other loyal citizens before it is destroyed?

Werewolves is the ultimate game for every group and for every age. Your goal is to hunt the werewolves and get them out of the game. If you are one of the Werewolves, you want to convince the villagers of your innocence.

There are different characters as bodyguards, doppelgangers or the magic master which help the inhabitants or the werewolves either. Or you chase your own goals as a vampire. More than 40 different roles and 18 different scenarios as well as the detailed background information. The strategy tips in the guide allow groups of different size, no matter if little or big experience, a quick introduction to this game.

Werewolves is based on a traditional Russian folk game.
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