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Cardfight Vanguard!! Triumphant Return of the King of Knights VGE-BT10 Booster Box


Featured Clans: Gold Paladin, Royal Paladin, Narukami, Nova Grappler, Spike Brothers

Each box contains 30 packs of 5 cards

The [Liberators] of the <<Gold Paladin>> lead the charge against the lethal <<Narukami>> [Eradicators] in an epic clash! This booster pack expansion also contains new cards for <<Royal Paladin>>, <<Genesis>>, <<Nova Grappler>> and <<Spike Brothers>>.

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498 reviews
Pokemon Sword & Shield Rebel Clash Booster Box

Item was just as described. Very happy with the purchase and will be shopping here again!


Ridiculously high pull rate in this set!! You certainly won't be disappointed!!
The service from Athena Games was very quick and incredibly well communicated 😊

Top Notch

Communicated everything about the order amazingly well. As a new customer there was also a welcome email to literally just say hello to each other, which I appreciated. All in all couldn't fault the service! Sensational

Fun support ship

The Interdictor is a great imperial support ship with the ability to literally manipulate the battlefield. A must have addition to your fleet

van saar

good kit, gives me ideas for a platoon of astra militarum