Warhammer 40k: Doubles Tournament - 25th August

Warhammer 40K: Doubles Tournament - 25th August

  • £20.00

Format: Doubles
Entry: £20 (per team)
Points Limit: 2000 per team (1000 per team member).

We are going to be trying some changes for this tournament. A slightly different prize structure and a slightly different army composition, points structure and a slight tweaking on command points to reduce down the amount floating around.

Army Composition

Each player will have their own separate 1000 point Battle Forged army using no more than two detachments.

You should also take into account these points when building your armies:
* Each player chooses a Warlord for their individual 1,000 point army. That means Slay the Warlord is achievable twice!
* Each player can also choose a Relic/ Artefact for their individual 1000 point army, however it must be different to their
partners choice as the same relic cannot be taken twice when combined as a team
* Players cannot share points or detachments when building an army.
* Reinforcement points apply to a player, not to the whole team.
* Any model that is only allowed to be included once in your army is only allowed once per team
* No datasheet may be included in a players army more than twice and may not be included more than three times across a team. This does not apply to units with the Troops or Dedicated Transport Battlefield Role, nor does it apply to any units
that are added to your army during the battle that cost reinforcement points.

Command Points

There are some clarifications and some adjustments from how we have done things previously:
* Strategems - The same stratagem cannot be used by the same team more than once during any single phase.
* Command Points - The pool of Command Points is usable by the whole team.
* Battle Forged Points - The 3 Command Points for being Battle Forged is for a team, NOT each player.
* If both players don’t have a Faction keyword that matches from one player’s army to another, they will only get one additional Command Point (not three for being Battle Forged).


£10 store credit per team will be added to the prize pool and split amongst the top finishers.
Most Sporting Team - £20 store credit for the team
Best Painted Army Award - £15 Store credit to the winner

PLEASE NOTE: That no ticket will actually be sent out or be available to collect in store. However it will add you to the pre-paid list for the tournament.

Also please put all player names in the comments.

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