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Lockdown is Coming (2nd Edition)

Following the announcement on Saturday, it seems we are heading back into lockdown on Thursday until 2nd December and apparently gaming is considered non-essential πŸ™„. So if you want to come in to store and have a look around you have until end of Wednesday, we are open as usual from 11:00-18:00 for all your hobby needs.
But fear not! Throughout lockdown we will still be offering our delivery service as well as Click & Collect from the store. To begin with, Click & Collect will operate Monday to Saturday from 11:00-14:00. All orders will need to be placed in advance and paid for through our online store, unfortunately we will not be able to allow anyone to add items in the store. If you can’t find an item you are looking for online then please do get in touch, whilst the majority of our items are now online there are still a few gaps.
We are truely grateful for all the support we have received since the start of this crazy time. This community means a great deal to us and we want to support you all as much as possible during these troubling times. Keep an eye out for further announcements, as we work on ways to enhance our services to ease your gaming needs.
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Prime Primer

A great primer for setting minis up, ready to paint, with a dark base. Highly recommended.

Nice paint brush

This is a really great paint brush and I would Recommend


Thanks so much, I ordered a Be’ Lakor kit which arrived so quickly. Great job peeps. Thank you πŸ‘πŸΌ

Great Product

Had some great pull definitely worth the money

The birth of a legend

When 4 year old Leo choose to take this Dragonborn Paladin for this mini in our weekly D&D session, he really fell in love with the amazing array of abilities that "Tiger Bournedragon" had be given by Leo.
From the fine details in the model to the extra head that is provided for a mouth based fire blast pose Leo had had hours of fun designing the paint scheme and the minis backstory.

The mini itself is great, very well modelled, minimal clean up and it took paint very well.

The service at the shop is fantastic and they have a great selection of miniatures.