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Magic the Gathering

Unleash the power of cards

Magic: the Gathering (MTG) is a social trading card game started in 1993 by the game designer Richard Garfield. Since its inception, Magic has changed and grown with the market, expanding its products and events to cater for every potential Magic player. In recent years this has involved cross-over expansions, referred to as ‘Universes Beyond’, which bring external franchises such as ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Warhammer 40,000’ and most recently ‘Doctor Who’ into the Magic universe.

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Looking to play in store?

Looking to play in store?

There’s no one best way to enjoy Magic, but we’ve found the most popular of our Magic nights to be our Commander night every Monday. Each week we get over 40 Magic players all looking for some casual, multiplayer, fun and to play around with their latest creations . This is far from the only Magic event we offer, as we hold Magic events almost every night of the week!

Our weekly Pioneer tournament is on Tuesday with Wednesday taking our Standard event. Friday has multiple events as we hold Modern and Draft every Friday, and even the occasional pre-release when new expansions get released. These formats are all played with just 2 players for each match, but typically last for 3 or 4 rounds, so you’ll get plenty of games on these nights as well. Each of these formats has their own unique deck building requirements, so it’s best to do a little bit of research in advance, or drop us a message and we can direct you to the best sources of information.

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