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Solid base colour for any scheme

This is a great spray, basically replaced white primer for me. Good base colour for most colour schemes.


This was a phenomenal tournament.

I've been on the tournament circuit for years, in multiple game systems, but I can honestly say without a doubt this was the most fun I've ever had at a tournament.

The terrain, armies, players and organisation were absolutely on point. Add into that the fantastic prize support from both Athena and Warlord, and it's a winning recipe!

Katie Robinson
A beautiful chill game

This is a lot of fun, there's enough to it for it to be engaging, but not so much to it that its difficult to learn or pick up as you go.

Great book, received in short order and in excellent condition.

Really great set from AMG

The set has two fantastic Marvel characters. Both figures are really well sculpted and play great in my MCP games .

TNMT Munchkin

Amazing artwork, we really loved this version of the game.


Item as described and great price

Great addition to the empire!

Really fun unit to include, very flexible and adds a good dimention that I had not had from another commander

Victory is certain!

A good size model with a lot of customisation opportunities. Will stand out in the victory that my Ork army will certainly deliver


moderately annoying that this review email gets sent repeatedly until filled out

An easy to use, good coverage, green.

A great green base for salamander chapter space marines, covers as well as you'd expect contrast paint to so two coats and you're sorted!

Turing Machine
Ben Griffin
Athena: Great, this game… not so much

We found the Turing machine to be more of a puzzle than a game. The game aspect of it being as much as to say ‘I solved it first’. The theme could be good, but it’s more about logic than it is about Turing Machines: there is no coding sequence at all: the ‘punchcards’ are used to test hypotheses, given certain statements. There is already a far better game for this: Looney Labs’ Zendo, which is actually a game, and far more inexpensive.

For a game that follows sequential steps, there are few good ones out there: but Space Alert comes to mind

A thing of beauty!

I had my eyes on this the second it was previewed by the store, and had to treat myself to it for Christmas! When else?! It’s even better looking close up - details, material, stability. It’s now my default dice tray for all games of D&D!

Great Dynamic Space Dwarfs

Great models with a really interesting rule set. Fantastic additions to an LoV force.

Marvel: Crisis Protocol Rhino

Once again Atomic Mass Games haven't disappointed with the Rhino. Brilliant miniature to build and lots of fun to paint.


Lots of tufts

Maximum Apocalypse Board Game: Kaiju Rising

Dominaria Remastered Launch Party Drafts
Shaun Bush-trivett
Great Event

Great turnup, well organized and decently priced. Can't wait for the next one!

Cross Clues
Simon Smith
Great fun, great re-playability, great value

Cross Clues is a lot of fun.
It is simple to learn and works with a mixed group, whether dedicated gamers or not, across a wide age range. It is a co-operative game and the most important factor in doing well is being able to know how your fellow players think.
Due to the recombinant nature of the set up the game has a great deal of re-playability and so represents outstanding value for money.
Highly recommended.

Highly recommended

Will definitely be shopping here again. Excellent service.

Great Game

A really good family game that everyone can enjoy.

Tanks a go go

The kit goes together really well as it is just the rhion body with a extra launcher on top. Nice we are getting so many kits in plastic now and not having to pay top dollar for the models. Top this off with the nice discount u get a solid buy.


Service was brilliant was really chuffed with miniature and enjoyed painting it

Great 2p card game

The guessing game of "what could my opponent have" along with knowing when and if to withdraw makes for a tense and quick card game, can understand the praises for this game

DNDice - Dice Booster - Metal
Very pretty metal dice set

Solid weighty dice. Fair rolling. Very good quality. Pretty colours.
Great service when purchasing in store, as always.