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Eleven army mantic

This army set is both high quality and excellent value for money especially when purchased from Athena games.

Excellent boxed set - ideal for skirmish gaming in several genres, delivered promptly by Athena- very pleased.

Adepta Sororitas

The Dialogue is a very quick model to put together. It does seem a bit on the high end of pricing for the model. However, it does bring a value in any sized Army of Adepta Sororitas. The additional combination of hyms can certainly help to provide that extra input.


The usual GW paint nothing wrong with it but have had some real bad ones from them in the past but always gotten a new pot or my money back if it's a bad pot of paint.

Gamemaster: Dungeons & Caverns Core Set
John Bonner

Excellent prices and delivery times!! Highly recommended Athena Games.

its ok, not the best

If you want to paint terrain its fine. Anything else, it loses it shape very quickly

Star Wars Legion Cad Bane Operative Expansion

A service and great company

Fast delivery, great communication and services was really impressed. Would recommend to anyone.

Multiverse Apocalypse II - A Marvel Crisis Protocol Event 19th June
Multiverse Apocalypse MCP event 19th June

5 star - My first ever MCP event and staff were friendly/helpful and all games were played in a good spirit. Day was well organised so would be really great to see some more MCP events at Athena in the coming months as def would sign up 👍

Great bases

Adds a decent effect to the army and easy to paint on sprue then cut them off and clean up sides.

Nice Dice

Good quality and cheap

Perfect For My Project!

I bought these dice, not to play with, but to add a subtle Las Vegas touch to a vintage brooch bouquet for a Wedding and it turned out absolutely perfect!

Age of Sigmar rule book

I have been asked to leave a review. I work 60 plus hours a week,I have not had chance to read it yet. However, the cover art is nice and so is the clear wrapping. I hope this helps anyone in the same situation as me. 👍

Vallejo Dark Sea Green
Adam Tomlinson
Quality paint, Quality store

Great paints, work well in the airbrush when used with flow improver, athena games stock is vast, never disappointing

Exactly as Advertised

Fantastic product from GW for an even better price. Arrived very quickly, and in a secure package which was very welcome as these are fragile miniatures. If you are looking for Underworlds products, shop for them here. Overall great customer service!

great service!

would recommend this product and very well priced!

Great product, great service

Really good service from Athena Games. Ordered from them due to the great discount offer and my item arrived the next day. Would definitely buy from them again.

The Age of Darkness box set is amazing value. This is my first Horus Heresy army and can’t wait to get it onto the table.

Druid - Class Folio with Stickers for Dungeons & Dragons

Base Primer - Aegis Suit Satin Varnish
matthew Toseland
Army paint rattle cans

Really good nice clean coat no splats or particles I really lack the coloured under coats and satin finish varnish.

Leadbletcher paint

Good paint, in good condition and no issues, always a good place to buy from

War of the Ring 2nd Edition - Grade C
Daniel Dias
Ultimate 2 player Epic Wargame Experience

There are many two-player games that mimic the intricacies of a real life or fantasy event. However, if you want a grand scope where every decision contributes to the end game, look no further. This is a game were you will need to play with the same person so that you can both evolve equally (similarly to Twilight Struggle, also another excellent two player game set in the cold war era). However, War of the Ring (WotR) is more of a Wargame as per se (imo), probably because in transmits this feeling due to the vast amounts of miniatures on the board, and the direct conflict that is allowed in WotR. You choose to play between the Free People (Frodo and company) or the Shadow People (Orcs and and elephants), where both factions have different end goals to win the game. This makes for a highly interesting asymmetrical game, as both play completely different, and thus your decisions will change depending on the dynamics and state of the board. If you are a fan of the Lord of the Rings, and would like to participate in the outcome of the three books that made the movies, I highly recommend this title. It has a high learning curve, as does any game of this grandeur, but it is well worth the effort that you and your opposing force will put into learning and ultimately mastering the game. Happy hunting (if you are the shadow player!!).

Wow what a book

What a book. This is what should of been in the big box. So much information! Must have if venturing into the ash waste!

30K Bloodangel.

A nice model to assemble, friendly staff and the usual price for a GW character model but cheaper then its forgeworld counter parts.

Incredibly difficult build!

I tend to be meticulous and patient but that build really got on my nerves. Some parts took me ages to fit; instructions are not crystal clear and some parts are so small and delicate that after several attempts I managed to break a couple of them which had been folded too many times. In the end the outcome is not too bad but the paint job is all scratched-up...not quite the good old shiny Darth Vader. I simply do not understand who is supposed to be able to build that model perfectly apart from a professional. Quite puzzling really!?

Soilworks Dry Soil - Scale75

I am blown away by how good this is and how much value for money you get. You could base multiple armies with just 1 pot and it works just as well if not better than GW's stuff which requires multiple pots per army. For best results apply over a layer of thinned-down PVA glue (I've been told to try it over glue that's almost but not quite dry - haven't tried this yet though). Once the paint is dry, a wash of Army Painter quickshade (light or soft tone) provides the finishing touch. 10/10