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Spray Grey Seer
Works Well

Using the spray as an extra layer between black and white as an initial base for contrast painting.

Warhammer 40,000 Combat Patrol Event - 10th February - 11:00am
Steven Norfield
Combat Patrol Event - Excellent

I attended this with my son recently as he is only 12, but actually there was almost no need.

Everyone there was friendly, helpful, and there was a mix of abilities.

The event was well organised by the staff, and the little extra they gave us at the end were well received.

Would very much recommend this to anyone of any ability. Looking forward to the next one!

Perfect service

Would happily order from your company in the future because how smoothly the transactions go

Euro Game at Downton Abbey

I’ve never seen the actors in Downton Abbey play any sort of board game which is a shame as there is so much room and such large tables in their house. If they were to play one then I suspect this would be it.

Obsession is a great game with a number of interesting mechanics and a lovely ambience. It’s an interesting combination of a worker placement and deck building game, focus on your gentry at the expense of your servants and you will come to grief. Also the turn track has a number of highlights (eg national holiday) which invite careful planning.

It’s not a perfect game and I have the following criticisms. The reputation mechanic is interesting but once you’ve played a couple of times you will know what to do to make sure you always get to the top. The randomness of the game is something I like but will irritate others, particularly in relation to the tiles that are available and the gentry that you pick. In the prestige guests there is a huge variation in the worth of the guests you get at random.

These are minor picky points and if you are looking for something to add to your collection this is a good buy.

Amazing company. Great quality supplies and fast shipping. No faults.

Paldean Fates Mini Tin - Pokemon Trading Card Game

Nice little addition of the stickers in the tin, got great pulls from my packs! :)

Paldean Fates Elite Trainer Box - Pokemon Trading Card Game: Scarlet & Violet 4.5
Edmund Weaver

Great set, got some awesome pulls

great paint!

contrast paints are fantastic and this is no exception! great addition to my growing collection of paints

Starter Commander Deck - Magic: The Gathering

Spray: White Scar
Damian Bron
White Scar

A good spray, much better than the old white spray. Good coverage

Dark Angels Army Set
Dark Angel's Army Boxset

Great service as always.

Blade Guard Vets

Great looking models and probably one of my favourite units. Pleasure to build and can’t wait to use on table top

Land Raider Redeemer

Nice big model and bigger than expected. Bought one as I had one as a child and wanted to relive that memory again.

All good

Great book, great company

Cover your Assets
Beth Macleod

Cover your Assets

Great kit, great price!

Why buy direct from GW when you can buy here, with a nice discount, and get it faster. Looking forward to running a good old Land Raider again, the rules in 10th actually look pretty good!

Great models

Great models lot better in the new resin.

Stunning 8mm fun!

I have always been a Guard player and loved the Solar Auxilia from the moment they appeared in the "Black Books". The chance to revisit my youth was too good to miss!

What do you get? This set is your core forces for the Auxilia. Command and grunts. The quality is excellent, don't believe the 8mm naysayers. Best painted in the sure though. Now I need more tanks!


A good kit good service and a better price then what games workshop charges.

A great, easy to use dimir deck

It's all about surveiling, drawing cards and then swinging in with buffed up creatures. Also there's an octopus with a knife

Orc Borg
Buddy T Harlow
Looks amazing

Haven't played the system, mainly bought this book for the art. Looks great and I may well rub it someday as it seems fun.

Awesome to dee this game return

Brilliant game and good to see it return

Brilliant strong colours

Have been trying a selection of GW Contrast paint and have very satisfying results

Quality product!

I purchased this for my DM and she was very impressed by the look and feel of the screen.

All the stitching and embossed patterns are made to a high standard.

The dry wipe cards are super handy for initiative as well as quick reminders and visual prompts for players.

For anyone looking to treat a beloved DM I’d recommend this product!

Great for showcasing my MTG rare and myhtics.

Super handy and sturdy binder, great for showcasing my MTG rare and myhtics, that were sitting in a tired, old binder. Got great advise from staff about this purchase, and I agree with them; this Vault X binder is great value for your money.