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Yu-Gi-Oh Booster Boxes

Expand your Yu-Gi-Oh! Collection with our selection of Yugioh booster boxes; perfect for newer players looking to begin a collection or to start their competitive journey.

Athena Games are amongst the premier retailers for all things related to the Yugioh! TCG, offering a massive choice when it comes to the latest Yu-Gi-Oh booster boxes across the entire scope of both OCG & TCG iterations of the competitive scene.

Yugioh Booster Box Contents

Regular Yu-Gi-Oh booster boxes will contain 24 individual booster packs; all-but guaranteeing that each booster box will grant you diverse and powerful opportunities in terms of deck building. Of course, you can complement the cards you receive within your Yu-Gi-Oh booster box with cards from our catalogue of starter decks; giving you the freedom to improve and tinker with a fully-established deck.

Multiple players can invest in Yu-Gi-Oh booster boxes if they intend to participate in a drafting style match; where players will work in a round-by-round format to deal out the cards. This style of gameplay will test even veteran players, forcing them to adapt on the fly and stretch the extent of their knowledge.

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1142 reviews
4 hour table slot

Absolutely smashing session, booked 4 hours, got 4 hours. Won the game, obliterated my enemies and went home happy.

Tie Advanced 2nd edition

Fantastic service, arrived next day delivery at no extra cost. Pack arrived in perfect condition. The pack itself is excellent for supplementing your Galactic force, comes with a great range of pilot cards and the model itself is awesome. Everything you need is in the box to make use of the Tie Advanced in X Wing 2nd Edition.

2 Player Perfection

Award winning great 2 player game, perfect balance and keep you coming back for more. Recommended. A well known classic.

Pokemon TCG - Fusion Strike Build & Battle Weekend
Jonathan Howes
Friendly Staff

Very nice staff, easy to chat to and get information. Would definitely recommend

Gift Card
Liz Law

Bought a voucher for my sons birthday on line, easy process and a god send as I had no idea what to buy him...very impressed