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Yu-Gi-Oh Booster Boxes

Expand your Yu-Gi-Oh! Collection with our selection of Yugioh booster boxes; perfect for newer players looking to begin a collection or to start their competitive journey.

Athena Games are amongst the premier retailers for all things related to the Yugioh! TCG, offering a massive choice when it comes to the latest Yu-Gi-Oh booster boxes across the entire scope of both OCG & TCG iterations of the competitive scene.

Yugioh Booster Box Contents

Regular Yu-Gi-Oh booster boxes will contain 24 individual booster packs; all-but guaranteeing that each booster box will grant you diverse and powerful opportunities in terms of deck building. Of course, you can complement the cards you receive within your Yu-Gi-Oh booster box with cards from our catalogue of starter decks; giving you the freedom to improve and tinker with a fully-established deck.

Multiple players can invest in Yu-Gi-Oh booster boxes if they intend to participate in a drafting style match; where players will work in a round-by-round format to deal out the cards. This style of gameplay will test even veteran players, forcing them to adapt on the fly and stretch the extent of their knowledge.