Musings From The Acropolis

Job Opportunity May 2018 - Sales Assistant

We are looking to recruit a passionate and proactive person to join the team at our store in Norwich. Working as a part-time sales assistant, you will be involved in the continual growth of the store and our various communities. The job will require the successful applicant to be flexible and able to work at evenings and weekends. Initially, the contract will be for between 12-16 hours a week with more becoming available depending on performance and business need. If you are interested, then please drop in a CV and covering letter explaining why you would be suitable for the...

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Recent Survey - Part 1

Thank you to everyone who took the time to answer our recent customer survey. It was great to see such a wide range of ideas across a lot of different areas of the store and you can expect to see some changes soon (in fact, a couple like the new Vallejo stand have already happened). If you missed out on the survey this time don’t worry as there will be further chances to give your feedback in the future. Due to the varieties of fields covered and the range of requests, we have decided to split our responses to some...

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Essen Spiel 2018 – Day 1 Round-Up

Essen Spiel is upon us again and this year seems to be bigger and more crowded than ever. Alex and I take a look at some of our highlights from the first day. For a board game convention, there was a lot of miniature games played today!

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Alexander Pfister’s Great Western Trail Review

Every month the staff at Athena Games chooses a game that they love and we put it on display as our ‘pick of the month’. In this article, Alfie Adams takes a look at his choice; Great Western Trail.

Great Western Trail is a euro style game that combines engine building and deck building amongst numerous other mechanisms. Pitting 2-4 players as cow-barons of the great west, each trying to take the best cows they can to market in Kansas City.

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Legacy Enchantress Part 1

Kieren McCallum talks about his one (and only) legacy deck; Legacy Enchantress. Discussing what is in the deck and the tactics he employs when playing it. Enchanting your deck Enchantress is the first and, for the immediate future, the only legacy deck I own. I am not an expert on the legacy format and the last Brainstorm I cast I probably resolved sub-optimally. However, this has not stopped me forming strong opinions on the topic, particularly about Enchantress. Enchantress is a combo-prison-ramp strategy. (Legacy being what it is, it amazingly is not the only such deck, as 12-post also fits...

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