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Why Now is the Best Time to Start Playing Lorcana

Why Now is the Best Time to Start Playing Lorcana

Lorcana brings Disney's beloved characters, stories, and magic into an exciting new format with a unique twist. This is a trading card game (TCG), similar to the Pokemon TCG, where you collect cards and booster packs to build powerful decks and go head-to-head with fellow ‘Illumineers whilst delving into challenging quests. 

Developed and published by Ravensburger, the creators of engaging board games like Labyrinth and El Dorado, Disney Lorcana is already set to capture the hearts of fans and gamers alike.

Excitement for Disney Lorcana is at an all-time high with the recent updates to the game. The addition of location cards in ‘Into the Inklands’ released earlier this year, and The new Illumineer’s quest, ‘Deep Trouble,’ opens up another storyline that takes you into an epic battle against Ursula, the infamous and cunning sea witch.

In this blog, we will discover more about Disney Lorcana, the TCG and why now is the perfect time to begin your quest to save the realm of Lorcana.

What is Disney Lorcana?

In Disney Lorcana, you step into the role of an Illumineer in the magical realm of Lorcana. You’ll discover the Great Illuminary, unlike anything you've ever seen here. 

With your Inkcaster, a wand-like tool, you'll protect the land from foes while searching for missing lore. This enchanting world features your favourite Disney characters, items, and locations reimagined as glimmers, bringing a touch of Disney magic to every game.

In Disney Lorcana, you’ll race against other Illumineers to collect lore, with the first to reach 20 lore claiming victory. Before the game begins, each player creates a deck of 60 cards. Everything you need to know about a card’s abilities is clearly explained on the card. For beginners, ready-to-play starter decks are available, making it easy to jump into the adventure. 

Its unique appeal to Disney fans comes in the variations of character cards and ink types, which we have explained a little more below:

Character Cards:

In Disney Lorcana, you can uncover three types of character cards: Storyborn, Dreamborn, and Floodborn. Storyborn cards present characters as you know and love them, staying true to their original appearances. Dreamborn cards take these familiar characters and add a touch of fantasy, making them even more enchanting. Floodborn cards, however, offer a completely new twist, reimagining characters in surprising ways. For example, Belle, usually known for having her nose in a book, becomes a Hidden Archer in her Floodborn form—a must-have character for your deck.

Ink types:

Disney Lorcana also brings a true TCG element to the game with six unique Inks, each representing different playing styles:

  • Ruby: These cards feature characters known for their aggressive nature, making them great at dealing direct damage.
  • Emerald: Characters on these cards avoid combat but are quick thinkers, allowing them to swiftly adapt and move around the battlefield.
  • Amber: These protective cards focus on healing and support, which is perfect for players who want the ability to heal other cards.
  • Amethyst: Focusing on abilities and actions, these cards enable you to control the game with characters that possess formidable magical powers.
  • Steel: These cards feature characters known for their combat prowess and are often quite powerful, excelling in battles. 
  • Sapphire: Use these cards strategically to unleash powerful abilities. These characters, often inventors or artists, can help you develop complex strategies.

Game Updates: Ursula’s Return

A new quest, ‘Deep Trouble,’ is available to all players starting May 31st, 2024. In this new standalone game, you can embark on this adventure solo or team up with a fellow Illumineer to defeat Ursula, the sea witch, who has seized power and threatens the future of Lorcana.

‘Deep Trouble’ brings plenty of exciting enhancements, including an oversized Ursula card, a 50-card scenario deck, two prebuilt 60-card decks, and other surprises to keep the magic alive. New characters like Mulan and Fantasia’s Yen Sid feature in the prebuilt packs, allowing you to play your turn simultaneously with your teammates as you work together to stop Ursula in her tracks.

Why Now is the Perfect Time to Start Playing

The new expansion for Disney Lorcana brings a wealth of new strategies and fresh content to explore, making it a must-have for both new and experienced players. This expansion includes multiple difficulty levels, allowing you to conquer the quest at your own pace. A full copy of the rule book is also included, so you’ll have everything you need to dive into the adventure.

In this expansion, you can choose when to battle Ursula. If you face her in her lair, she will be at her most powerful, offering a formidable challenge. However, if you intervene at your first encounter, her power may still be building, providing an easier path to victory, perfect for beginners.

The expansion also includes prebuilt packs, so you don't have to worry about which characters to include in your deck. This allows you to jump straight into the game and start enjoying the new content right away. With characters already selected for you, you can focus on the adventure and the magic of Lorcana.

Whether you're battling Ursula at her peak or catching her early, this expansion offers exciting new ways to experience Disney Lorcana. As a cooperative game, it gives new players the chance to ask questions without giving their strategy away. It’s the perfect addition for anyone looking to enhance their gameplay and immerse themselves further in the enchanting world of Disney.

Join the Magic: Lorcana League Nights at Athena Games

The Disney Lorcana community is always growing and offers a wealth of support for players of all levels. At Athena Games, we host a Lorcana League Night every Monday at 17:00. Our league nights are casual and inclusive, welcoming everyone from beginners to fully-fledged Illumineers.

Join us at our Norwich store to learn from experienced players, make new friends, and immerse yourself in the magic of Disney Lorcana. It’s a great opportunity to enhance your skills, share strategies, and enjoy the game in a friendly, supportive environment.

For more information and to check out our current stock of Disney Lorcana packs, visit our website or drop by the store. We look forward to seeing you at our next Lorcana League Night!

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