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Gear Up for Star Wars Day with Galactic Role-Play Games

Gear Up for Star Wars Day with Galactic Role-Play Games

Attention, Jedi, Sith, and outcasts alike! As the galaxy gears up to celebrate Star Wars Day this May 4th, it's time to embark on thrilling adventures in a galaxy far, far away. And what better way to immerse yourself in the epic saga of Star Wars than through the exhilarating realm of role-playing games?

Join us as we dive into the galaxy's most exhilarating tabletop adventures, where every dice roll brings you one step closer to glory!...or a Sarlacc pit.

So, dust off your blaster, polish your lightsaber, and prepare to roll the dice as we journey through some of the role-play games that will make this Star Wars Day a celebration to remember whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional. 

Star Wars: Force and Destiny Role-playing Game 

Let the Force and Destiny Core Rulebook guide you. Within its pages lies the key to unlocking the true potential of the force, not only within yourself but through the group of allies willing to risk their lives for the sake of justice and bringing balance to the galaxy. 

In a galaxy gripped by turmoil, you and your group have heard whispers of the outlawed Jedi Order. You decide to venture into the unknown to unravel the mysteries of your gifts. But your journey won't be easy. Be warned: There will be epic battles and those who try to stand in the way of your destiny. Choose your path, and let the force guide you through the trials and tribulations of this gripping Star Wars RPG. 

Core Mechanics:

Just like most RPGs, your character is your own. You decide on their traits, fighting style, weapon of choice, and much more. Will you be a trouble-making scoundrel, or are you set on your journey to become a Jedi Master? The choice is yours. This RPG is also fully compatible with Age of Rebellion and Edge of the Empire, therefore opening up your options even more. 

A pool of dice is rolled to determine if your character's action is a triumph. These skill checks also provide opportunities to gain advantages or suffer unexpected setbacks. These twists and turns can alter your story, often forcing it to take dramatic turns. 

It wouldn't be Star Wars without the light and dark sides also coming into play. Choose to wield either, but beware: If you choose the side of a Jedi, you must roll a light force symbol on the force dice to use the force successfully. If you are in desperate need of this action and you roll a dark side, you can still decide to use it, but every time you do so, you fall closer and closer to the path of the dark side.   

Star Wars: Age of Rebellion - Beginner Game 

Whether you're a Padawan fresh from Tatooine or a seasoned veteran of the Clone Wars, this is the perfect option for those looking to start their role-playing journey. This game features a complete learn-as-you-go adventure, meaning as soon as the box opens, the adventure begins faster than a podracer on Boonta Eve.

You and your team are members of the Rebel Alliance locked in a high-stakes showdown against the Galactic Empire. They pose a mighty threat, but fear not; you have skills under your belt that they will never expect. 

To simplify the game, characters are pre-generated. The excitement of the game lies in the roll of the custom dice, ensuring every encounter is as unpredictable. This RPG beginner pack includes maps, tokens, and a simplified core rulebook for instant access to the adventure. Once you have vanquished the forces of darkness, the galaxy is yours to explore, with endless adventures awaiting in the heart of the rebellion.

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Role-playing Game 

For a more "grim and gritty" role-playing adventure, try the Edge of the Empire game. Navigate this world of uncertainty, exploring the outermost edges and remote locations featured in the Star Wars Universe, where danger lurks around every corner and survival is not guaranteed. Whether you're hunting down a bounty or trying to aid the rebellion, be careful who you trust. This is home to the more shady characters and their trade.

Prepare to navigate the treacherous waters of the outer rim. Hide from smugglers, free prisoners or work alongside bounty hunters. May the force be with you as you carve your path through the darkness… but will you let the dark side pull you in as you embrace the grit of this RPG? 

Core Mechanics:

Prepare to uncover the secrets of your past. Every player begins their journey burdened with an Obligation; you may have a bounty on your head or owe a hefty sum to a crime lord, a debt that threatens to swallow you whole if left unpaid. 

The game uses this game mechanic to tie you into an adventure that could have you working with the most unlikely characters to fulfil your obligation. Will you face your fears head-on or let your past catch up with you? Your decisions will shape the course of your destiny.

We also have a beginner version of this game for those who want to learn more about role-playing or are new to Star Wars role-playing. 

Celebrate Star Wars Day with us 

As we celebrate Star Wars Day, we encourage you to try out as many of these games as you can to honour the legacy of a franchise that has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. We have and continue to run many adventures for players of all experience levels and ages, so come down to our Norwich store to join our role-play groups. May the force be with you, and the dice roll in your favour.

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