Musings From The Acropolis

Alexander Pfister’s Great Western Trail Review

Every month the staff at Athena Games chooses a game that they love and we put it on display as our ‘pick of the month’. In this article, Alfie Adams takes a look at his choice; Great Western Trail.

Great Western Trail is a euro style game that combines engine building and deck building amongst numerous other mechanisms. Pitting 2-4 players as cow-barons of the great west, each trying to take the best cows they can to market in Kansas City.

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Legacy Enchantress Part 1

Kieren McCallum talks about his one (and only) legacy deck; Legacy Enchantress. Discussing what is in the deck and the tactics he employs when playing it. Enchanting your deck Enchantress is the first and, for the immediate future, the only legacy deck I own. I am not an expert on the legacy format and the last Brainstorm I cast I probably resolved sub-optimally. However, this has not stopped me forming strong opinions on the topic, particularly about Enchantress. Enchantress is a combo-prison-ramp strategy. (Legacy being what it is, it amazingly is not the only such deck, as 12-post also fits...

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RG Combo Lands Deck Primer – Legacy and Legendaries

Stephen Newman takes a look at his favourite deck for the Legacy format; A combo lands deck that sustains itself and loops all the way to your demise. Head over Heels I got my first glimpse of Lands watching the live stream of a StarCityGames Legacy tournament in the summer of 2014. I forget who was playing, and even how the match ended up, but what I do remember is falling in love. Falling in love with a deck that could exist as both an explosive combo based deck and back it up with a long-term plan involving slowly strangling...

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Gathering Magic: A Beginners Guide

John Brownlie talks about when and how he broke into Magic the Gathering and passes on his sage advice on how you want to approach joining the game. Walk the Planes A Whole New World The infinite planes of the Magic Multiverse can be a rather frightening prospect to new players. It is one of the oldest and most played Collectable Card Game (CCG). It has over 16,000 cards to choose from and more than 20 play formats to learn. Beginning a collection can be a traumatic experience. Luckily in the Magic universe trauma can ignite a spark. Once this...

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Magic is Changing

Alex Moore takes a look at all the new changes to arrive in Magic the Gathering. Changes that will shake how Standard is played for the future. This article will cover the changes that Wizards of the Coast are bringing about to Magic tournaments. We’ll also talk about new products which are due to be released in late 2017 and early 2018. On Monday the 12th of June, Mark Rosewater, the head designer for Magic, posted an article on the Magic homepage called ‘metamorphosis 2.0’. This is a continuation of an article which covered the new standard rotation and the...

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