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Never miss a rule for Age of Sigmar with AoS Reminders

Never miss a rule for Age of Sigmar with AoS Reminders

If you have ever played a game of Age of Sigmar, you will know that it can be easy to miss a rule or get the timing for an action wrong. This is particularly true when learning a new army as no one wants to spend the whole game flicking back and forth through a Battletome looking for a particular rule only to find you missed your window!

This is where AoS Reminders from Davis Ford comes in. This ingenious tool takes all the rules from the various units and army rules and puts it in a simple to follow print out in the order of the turn.

So how does it work?

AoS Reminders interface

The interface may look daunting when you first look at it however it is actually quite simple to use. Either select your units, battalions, spells, artefacts and other parts of your army or import your army from other tools such as the Warscroll Builder.

AoS Reminders Edit Mode

Once you are happy with your army just switch over the toggle from Edit to Play to see the list of rules and when they occur in the turn. If there are any rules that you don’t want or are not relevant to your army then you can simply choose to hide them by hitting the X to the right of the rule.

AoS Reminders Rule Print Out

And that is it, you are all set for your next Age of Sigmar game and, hopefully, won’t miss any rules or at least you have an easy to check reference if you do forget a rule. You can check out AoS Reminders over at

Age of Sigmar 3.0

AoS Reminders has also now been updated for 3rd edition and now includes parts to include your Grand Strategy and other parts including Core Rules that are easy to overlook with a new edition.

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