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The (Hopeful) Road Out of Lockdown

The (Hopeful) Road Out of Lockdown

Following the announcement from the Prime Minister yesterday, we have started to receive some questions about what it all means for the store and for gaming. Well the short answer is that there is now (hopefully) light at the end of the tunnel!

Like the Government, we are going to have a 4 Step plan that mirrors the Government's 4 steps.

Step 1

This is basically the same as we are now: we will continue to ship out your parcels and you can still click & collect from the store.

Step 2

Step 2 will see the store reopen and people will be able to come in and browse. We will still be doing all we can to keep people safe so expect limits on the number of people in the store, hand sanitiser and face masks.

During this stage, our gaming space will remain closed.

Step 3

Gaming returns to the store! We are excited to finally bring back casual play during this step. Depending on the review of social contact, we are hoping to allow groups of up to 6 people to meet and game during this step.

Our top priority during this step will be to make sure everyone stays safe so table bookings will be required, capacity will be reduced and details will be taken for contact tracing if required.

Step 4

If everything has gone to plan, this is when events return to the store. We don't know yet if there will still be any rules during this stage, however expect us to be following all the advice to keep you safe. We can't wait to show you some of the events we have been planning, needless to say we haven't been idle during this time off!

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