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Friday Night Draft - Magic The Gathering

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Draft is a fun format for all players as you don't need any of your own cards to take part.

Each player will receive 3 play booster packs of Outlaws of Thunder Junction to draft with and take part in a 3 round swiss tournament.

Everyone will receive an extra Booster for taking part with extra prizes for top finishers.

This is a ticket that will add you to a prepaid list in the store, no physical ticket will be available to pick up or collect.

*This event starts at 6:45 every Friday.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Christian Petersen
Excellent MTG draft experience

I haven't played Magic in a while, and have been beaten soundly in the first two Friday Night Drafts I have attended, yet the welcoming, inclusive, fair-play atmosphere I have experienced when attending these events at the Athena store will have me coming back again.

Draft is Fun

Drafting is a great way to play magic, you can just turn up and play. The people here are lovely and the games are fun. Not much more you can ask for!

MTG Draft

It was good fun and the staff were friendly and helpful.

Good fun

New set is great
And always a good night out

Ian Arnold
Great place for magic!

A great local game store that has a solid playerbase of both new and old MTG players! Fnm draft events are casual but great fun!