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Age of Sigmar Core Book - Outdated

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This is the rulebook for Age of Sigmar 2nd Edition, a new rulebook has now been release.

In the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Core Book, a 320-page hardback, you’ll learn the history behind the war and learn the rules of the game.

The sections of the book include:

Battles in the Mortal Realms contains:

- The core rules

- An explanation of Triumphs

- Terrain rules

- Details of Battleplans

- An explanation of the workings of Warscrolls
- An explanation of Warscroll Battalions
- An overview of Realm of Battle rules
- An explanation of Allegiance Abilities

Conquest Unbound expands upon the basics explained in the previous section, adding more rules and abilities to your games:

- Grand Alliance Allegiance Abilities
- Realms of Battle
- Endless Spells
- Open Play Games
- An Open War Battleplan Generator
- Coalition of Death
- Ladder Campaigns
- Narrative Play Games
- War in the Glymmsforge Catacombs
- Historical Battles
- A guide to narrative campaigns, including linked games, map campaigns and tree campaigns featuring a pre-made tree campaign for two players;
- Sieges in the Age of Sigmar: special rules for creating sieges, with rules for attacker and defender, tactics and effects, and command abilities. 2 Siege Battleplans are included;
- Darkest Depths: rules for fighting in the tunnels and caverns beneath the Mortal Realms, with specific command abilities and rules for gloom and darkness, unstable surroundings, monsters, as well as command abilities. 2 Darkest Depths Battleplans are included;
- Triumph & Treachery: rules allowing 3 or more players to take part in a multi-sided battle. Includes optional Secret Objective rules, and 2 Triumph & Treachery battleplans.
- Matched Play Games
- Pitched Battles
- Battle Strategies
- A blank Pitched Battle Army Roster