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Ignite the Bonfires, cast out the twilight!

The magical Bonfire have died out, the ancient cities are abandoned, the world has sunk into twilight. The Guardians of Light, who once watched over the Bonfires, have withdrawn to distant islands. There they wait for those who prove worthy to banish the darkness.

And so it is up to you, the Gnomes, to face this fate: Colonize the empty cities and prepare the path for the Guardians to return to their original home. Perform the necessary tasks to ignite the Bonfires, and your new home shall shine in bright light!

Bonfire is multifaceted and demanding, requiring sophisticated strategy as well as flexibility. Renowned designer Stefan Feld has created an exciting and challenging game experience that offers a lot of variety with just a few available options.

Customer Reviews

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Neil Dabson
Bonfire, first play

Good game, good production values, not worker placement but has a euro flavour.
WARNING not so good if you're colour blind.... whilst some of the design is good and caters well for colour blindness, other crucial parts don't (eg bonfire colours, and tasks)
This game is light on player interaction. There is blocking, and arrgg you just did what I wanted to do, again.