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Chocolate Factory Deluxe

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  • Players: 1-4
  • Playing Time: 60-90 Min
  • Age: 14+
  • Mechanisms: Action Points, Card Drafting, Pick-up and Deliver
  • Designer: David Digby, Matthew Dunstan, Brett J. Gilbert
  • Contents: 4 Double Layered Factory Boards, 1 Bookkeeping Board, 124 Various Custome Wooden Chocolate Pieces, 40 Acrylic Gem Coal Tokens, 30 Conveyor Tiles, 36 Wooden Player Markers, 18 £50 Coins, 5 Department Store Tarot Cards, 30 Factory Part Tiles, 54 Corner Shop Mini Cards, 35 Employee Poker Cards, 4 Store Room and Coal Poker Cards, 4 Reference Cards, 1 Custom Wooden Day Marker, 1 Custome Wooden Start Player Marker, 1 Gold Foil Printed Box Sleeve


Set in the early 20th century of entrepreneurs and chocolatiers experimenting with new ways to create and market chocolates, YOU are assigned the task of Chief Chocolatier! Compete to run the best Chocolate Factory!

Featuring a literal engine (powered by coal), your conveyor belt will process cocoa beans and turn them into a variety of chocolate goods for sale.

Choose your new factory parts and employees carefully as these will not only change the chocolate you are able to manufacture but also who you can sell your chocolates to!

Earn the most profit to become the champion chocolatier!

The deluxe edition of Chocolate Factory features the base game plus:

  1. Upgraded factory parts from mini cards to tiles.
  2. The first player marker (appx 80x30mm) and Day markers (appx 20x20mm) are screen printed and relatively large custom wooden shapes.
  3. Your coal chits are now changed to black acrylic coal gems (40 in total)
  4. A premium box sleeve to top it all off!