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Citadel Small Drybrush

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This small brush (S Dry) features a light ox hair and synthetic blend of bristles for stiffness and durability. The flat profile means a consistent coverage on raised areas - ideal for drybrushing!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Stuart Tobin
Great for smaller details

I had been struggling with medium size for dry brushing on my smaller miniatures and just dealt with it and refused to by smaller as i thought it i was careful with what i had i would get same results. I was wrong, soon as i bought this small one it made things so much easier and now im not hitting other areas and not needing to redo areas i caught and do touch ups. Simple! Buy the right tools for the job :D

Christopher Woodgate
Best for detail.

Good brush for those detailed drybrush moments. Has a tendency to fray a bit and beware overloading it too. Marked it down a star as I think it would be better as a ‘lightbulb’ shaped brush fit even greater control. Overall can’t complain though.

Ben Crussell
Good brush - fine control

A good brush for some finer drybrushing, much more focused than the bigger one. Worth having some brush soap on hand to prevent fraying.