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Dragon Ball Super Saiyan Wonder Starter Deck SD14

by Bandai
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This starter deck contains the 51 cards listed below along with a play sheet and rules manual.

Deck List

No. Color Card Name Category Rarity Pieces
SD14-01 Black Vegeks, the Unsung Fusion Hero LEADER ST 1
SD14-02 Black SS Gotenks, Fusion of Friendship UNISON ST 2
SD14-03 Black Time Agent Vegeta BATTLE ST 2
SD14-04 Black Time Agent Trunks BATTLE ST 2
SD14-05 Black Supreme Kai of Time, Guardian of Spacetime BATTLE ST 2
BT1-005 Red Furthering Destruction Champa BATTLE UC 4
BT3-122 Black Time's Judgement EXTRA C 2
BT4-104 Black Time Control Chronoa BATTLE C 4
BT4-117 Black Time Trauma Masked Saiyan BATTLE UC 4
BT5-112 Black Dark Power Black Masked Saiyan BATTLE UC 4
BT5-115 Black Power Burst EXTRA C 4
BT7-100 Black Son Goku, Making an Entrance BATTLE UC 4
BT7-101 Black Vegeta, Making an Entrance BATTLE UC 4
BT7-102 Black Super Saiyan Trunks BATTLE C 4
BT9-076 Black Bibidi, Primeval Conjurer BATTLE C 4
BT10-143 Black Time Bullet EXTRA UC 4