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Dragon Ball Super CG: Starter Deck SD13 Clan Collusion

by Bandai
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This starter deck contains the 51 cards listed below along with a play sheet and rules manual.

Deck List

No. Color Card Name Category Rarity Pieces
SD13-01 Green Last Resort Frieza LEADER ST 1
SD13-02 Green Frieza : Xeno, Darkness Overflowing UNISON ST 2
SD13-03 Green Ginyu, Frieza's Greatest Soldier BATTLE ST 2
SD13-04 Green Zarbon, Frieza's Right-Hand Man BATTLE ST 2
SD13-05 Green Dodoria, Frieza's Devoted Servant BATTLE ST 2
BT1-089 Yellow Avenging Frieza BATTLE C 4
BT1-107 Yellow Cold Bloodlust EXTRA C 1
BT1-109 Yellow Frieza's Call EXTRA C 4
BT5-075 Green Shocking Death Ball EXTRA C 4
BT8-051 Green Yamcha, the Cunning BATTLE C 4
BT10-072 Green Frieza, Cosmic Horror BATTLE UC 4
BT10-073 Green Frieza, Terrifying Transformation BATTLE UC 4
BT10-080 Green Burter, Fastest in the Universe BATTLE C 2
BT10-083 Green Dodoria the Cold-Blooded BATTLE C 4
BT10-085 Green Zarbon the Gorgeous BATTLE UC 4
BT10-087 Green Frieza the Power Monger BATTLE C 3
BT10-091 Green One-Star Ball, Parasitic Darkness EXTRA UC 4