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Dreams And Machines RPG: Starter Set

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Dreams and Machines collide in a far future where its people come together to rebuild, the ultimate tale of hope and heroism in the shadow of the Wakers. Danger grows and the world is once more under threat. Do you dare to dream? A vast distance from Earth, a human colony bearing the scars of a self-inflicted apocalypse survives on the distant world of Evera Prime. In the shadow of ruined megacities humanity rebuilds, scavenging technology from the Old World and returning to a simpler way of life.

Among the mountains and valleys of New Mossgrove, the mechs of the Old World dot the landscape, deadly tools of a corrupt A.I.. Since the war that finally defeated the machines, they have been locked in a slumber that's lasted hundreds of years - but occasionally, they awaken, and when they do, these 'Wakers' continue their programming to wreak havoc across the world.


  • Tutorial Booklet
  • Adventure Booklet
  • Rules Reference Booklet
  • 5 twenty-sided dice
  • 152 tokens
  • 42 player character cards
  • 26 equipment cards
  • 52 NPC cards
  • 31 illustrated location cards
  • 13 Knowledge Fragment handouts
  • 7 character save envelopes
  • 7 rules reference cards
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