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Cross Clues

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Cooperate to connect and win!

Can you come up with a clue that is a cross between “Bear” and “Doctor”? Got one? Then say it out loud to the other players and hope they can figure out which two code words you crossed to make your clue!

Consider your clues carefully and think as a team to fill in as much of the grid as you can! With thousands of combinations of code words, this party game guarantees endless fun!

What’s in the box?

  • Ten axis tiles
  • 25 clue cards
  • 50 code word cards
  • One five-minute timer

How to play:

Each player draws one clue card from the pile, without revealing it to the other players.

Clue cards have coordinates on them that represent a unique crossing of two of the code words laid out during setup (row and column). You must try to come up with a single word that best combines both of the code words listed on your clue card.

There is no turn order. If a player is ready, then they may give their clue.

All other team members work together to intercept the clue. If they guess the coordinates correctly, that player places their card in its location in the grid facing up. If they guess incorrectly, the clue card is placed to the side of the table without revealing its coordinates.

Keep drawing cards until the pile is empty and players have no cards left (or the timer runs out!)

Players then count the number of clue cards correctly placed in the grid and use the scoring table to determine their final grade!

Will you get a perfect score and show you’re telepathically linked?

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
David Kelland
Purchase of Cross Clues

Couldn't find this game anywhere else and love playing it. A friend suggested this website and as soon as I saw it I bought it on impulse. Zero regrets, loving playing with it. Great website, will be back!

Simon Smith
Great fun, great re-playability, great value

Cross Clues is a lot of fun.
It is simple to learn and works with a mixed group, whether dedicated gamers or not, across a wide age range. It is a co-operative game and the most important factor in doing well is being able to know how your fellow players think.
Due to the recombinant nature of the set up the game has a great deal of re-playability and so represents outstanding value for money.
Highly recommended.