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Darth Vader - Helmet Collection - Metal Earth

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Just one piece from the Star Wars Metal Earth range.

The ultimate in geek chic, this set of models are just the thing to bring a dash of sci-fi style to any room. This set of high quality 3D models are officially licensed and with no need for glue or soldering, you won’t need to use the Force to assemble them!

Set contains: Two metal sheets and assembly instructions

Customer Reviews

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Incredibly difficult build!

I tend to be meticulous and patient but that build really got on my nerves. Some parts took me ages to fit; instructions are not crystal clear and some parts are so small and delicate that after several attempts I managed to break a couple of them which had been folded too many times. In the end the outcome is not too bad but the paint job is all scratched-up...not quite the good old shiny Darth Vader. I simply do not understand who is supposed to be able to build that model perfectly apart from a professional. Quite puzzling really!?