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Dragon Ball Super Card Game: Starter Deck SD16 -Darkness Reborn-

by Bandai
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This starter deck contains the 51 cards listed below along with a play sheet and rules manual.

Deck List

No. Color Card Name Category Rarity Pieces
SD16-01 Black SS3 Bardock, Reborn from Darkness LEADER ST 1
SD16-02 Black Dark Masked King, Spirit Resonance UNISON ST 2
SD16-03 Red Dark Broly, Spirit Boost Berserker BATTLE ST 2
SD16-04 Blue Masked Saiyan, Spirit Boost Enigma BATTLE ST 2
SD16-05 Yellow Black Masked Saiyan, Spirit Boost Minion BATTLE ST 2
BT4-102 Black Dimension Support Trunks BATTLE C 2
BT5-114 Black Temporal Rescue Trunks BATTLE C 2
BT5-115 Black Power Burst EXTRA C 2
BT6-119 Black Eighter Aid EXTRA C 2
BT7-076 Yellow Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta BATTLE C 2
BT7-100 Black Son Goku, Making an Entrance BATTLE UC 2
BT8-104 Black Super Kamehameha EXTRA C 2
BT11-128 Black SS Son Goku, Time Patrol Elite BATTLE C 2
BT12-126 Black Towa, Dimensional Meddler UNISON C 2
BT12-127 Black Son Goku, Catastrophic Premonition BATTLE UC 2
BT12-128 Black Son Goku, True Fighting Spirit BATTLE C 2
BT12-132 Black Vegeta, Catastrophic Premonition BATTLE UC 2
BT12-133 Black Vegeta, True Fighting Spirit BATTLE C 2
BT13-014 Red Trunks BATTLE C 2
DB1-086 Black Remote Serious Bomb EXTRA UC 2
DB1-103 Black SS3 Tag Team Trunks BATTLE DPR 2
DB2-138 Black Impregnable Fortress Anilaza BATTLE C 2
DB3-029 Blue Bardock BATTLE C 2
DB3-054 Green Super Saiyan Son Goku BATTLE C 2
DB3-108 Black Trunks, Changing History BATTLE U 2
DB3-111 Black Demigra, Demon Realm Sorcerer BATTLE U 2

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