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ENHANCE RPG Dice Tower Dice Tray

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Equipped with Dice Fortress Design for Organized Dice Rolling, True Random Tumble Tower, Quick and Easy Setup

Collapsible RPG Dice Tower

ENHANCE Tabletop Series

Stop tipping over your DM’s carefully placed mini figures by rolling on the battlemap! Organize your dice rolls while also fully tumbling them for a truly random outcome with the ENHANCE Tabletop Series dice tower. Carefully designed durable reinforced panels and a laser cut castle motif are sure to make every session a night to remember.

NOTE: Please make a Wisdom Saving throw with disadvantage to resist the imbued Charm Spell placed on every Dice Tower.

  • Anti-Divination Magic for Truly Random Outcomes
  • Prevents Dice from “Going Rogue”
  • Halfling Sized Design for Portability

Easy to Set Up

Easy to assemble 8-piece design can be quickly collapsed before and after your sessions for convenient storage.

  • Castle Design
  • Roll up to 14 Dice
  • Lightweight
  • Portable

Portable Dice Tower

Quickly collapsible design fits in backpack pockets and and fits perfectly with our ENHANCE Tabletop Series line of bags and backpacks! Be sure to check out our other Tabletop Series products designed to make your games as seamless as possible.

Roll with Style

Roll up to 14 dice simultaneously and watch as your dice reveal the damage results of your Fireball or the paralyzing effects of your discreet Sleep spell! the three level tumble tower provides excellent variability to ensure a truly random outcome every time.

Designed for RPG’s

Castle etchings, reinforced panels, and a quick setup design offer a convenient and quality of life improvement for RPG gamers and DM’s of all levels. Please remember to remove the protective film on the panels before assembling for the first time.

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