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Instant Colors Poison Flasks Green Paint Set

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Reduce your painting time with Instant Color acrylic paints from Scale75. A single coat can provide all the depth, shadow and highlights your models need.

Suitable for brush and airbrush.

Set includes 8 x 17ml pots in the following colours:

  • SIN-18 Paralyze Blue
  • SIN-19 Evil Root
  • SIN-20 Toad Green
  • SIN-21 Sulfur Yellow
  • SIN-22 Belladonna Green
  • SIN-23 Corrupted Stamina
  • SIN-24 Rotten Pus
  • SIN-25 Acid Green

Customer Reviews

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very weak

These are very weak I could have had the same affect by using my dirty brush water. The top also came off one of the bottles when I squeezed it to get paint to come out. I suggest you only buy if you are desperate to spend your money on coloured water. This product does not do what it says on the label.