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by Iello
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Play the role of a gardener aiming to transform the dry desert into the Lost Hanging Gardens of Babylon!

To accomplish your mission, you must plant flowers to gather precious gems, buy trees to earn you points or purchase upgrades. Choose carefully and plan ahead to become the best gardener!

What’s in the box?

  • Four player boards
  • Six hexagonal terrain boards
  • One carpet board
  • 42 vegetation tiles
  • Eight blooming tiles
  • 26 tree cards
  • Six cup tiles
  • 20 trees
  • Six fountains
  • 114 gems
  • 16 assistants
  • Scoring pad

How to play:

Players play clockwise until the game end condition is met. On their turn, you perform the following actions in order:

Choose a Vegetation Tile: move the Watering Can clockwise to the next Vegetation. Take the top vegetation tile from the pile.

Place a Vegetation Tile: add the selected tile to any terrain board, making sure not to cover any fountains, sacred tablets, or other vegetation tiles. At least one space of that tile must be adjacent to a fountain or to any other vegetation tile placed previously.

Collect Gems: collect all gems from the corresponding spaces that you covered and place them in your supply in front of you.

Special Action: perform a special action if your tile has either a worker, skill or question mark icon on it. For a worker tile, place one of your gardeners on the tile, the skill icon means you can unlock a special skill on your player board and the question mark icon is a wildcard, meaning you can perform either action.

Plant a Tree: you may plant trees on each turn by buying them with your gems. Take the tree marker that was on the card and place it on any free grass space.

As soon as two piles of vegetation tiles are empty, the end of the game is triggered. Complete the current round so that each player plays the same number of total turns. Then, proceed to the scoring!

The player with the most victory points wins!