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Jurassic Snack

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Product Details

  • Players: 2
  • Playing Time: 15 Minutes
  • Age: 7+
  • Mechanisms: Grid Movement
  • Designer: Bruno Cathala
  • Contents: 4 Pasture boards (3x3 squares), 10 Diplo miniatures (5 blue, 5 yellow), 2 T.Rex miniatures, 28 Grass tokens, Rulesheet


Young Diplodocuses (Diplos) are fond of the tasty leaves offered by the neighbouring pastures. To win, your Diplo team will have to eat more leaves than your opponent’s team… unless one of you decides to call the ferocious T.Rex to get rid of all his opponent’s Diplos!

How to play:

The blue player plays first. As the starting player you perform only one action. After this, you’ll take turns and perform two actions each.

The two actions you can perform are:

  • Moving one of your Diplos
  • Moving a T.Rex

A Diplo has one single goal: eating grass tokens. If you land on a grass token, your Diplo eats it and then you apply the effect.

The T. Rex just wants to scare the Diplos away!

The game ends immediately when one of the three following conditions is fulfilled:

  • One of the players has no Diplo left in the playing area. In this case, the player loses the game, and the amount of grass eaten by each player’s Diplos is not taken into account.
  • There are no more grass tokens in the playing area
  •  During two turns in a row, NO player has taken a grass token or scared away one of his opponent’s Diplos out of the playing area.

In the last two cases, each player reveals all the grass tokens that have been eaten, the player with the highest score wins the game!