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King of Monster Island

by Iello
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It’s a fiery monster takeover! In this epic battle, work together as giant monsters in an effort to defeat a titan-like boss before it opens an interdimensional portal! Roll the dice to heal, damage, gain energy, and activate human support. Only one thing matters… defeat this terrifying monster, the earth’s future is at stake!

What’s in the box?

  • 1 Monster Island Board
  • 5 Monster Boards
  • 1 Boss Board
  • 1 3D Volcano Dice Tower
  • 10 Monster Dice
  • 8 Boss Dice
  • 51 Power Cards
  • 15 Event Cards
  • Energy Cubes and Tokens
  • 8 Cardboard Figures
  • 6 Ally Sheets and 3 Boss Sheets
  • 30 Minion Tokens and 8 Fireling Tokens
  • 12 Crystal and 3 Pylon Tokens
  • 12 Support Boat Tiles
  • 1 Cloth Bag

How to play:

The goal of this iteration is to work together to defeat the Boss and stop them from taking over the world!

Players take turns going clockwise, starting with any Monster, and each turn has three phases:

  • Boss Phase
  • Monster Phase
  • End of turn

During the Boss Phase, the Boss activates any “Before Movement” actions, they then roll available (Boss specific) dice into the volcano and see where on the board they land, the Boss then moves to the zone on the board with the most dice and any minions in that area then get activated and finally the dice in that zone are acted upon and returned to the available dice pile.

During the Monster Phase, players roll 6 (Monster specific) dice with a maximum of 3 rerolls (similar to previous iterations!) and resolve the final outcomes on those dice, there are some familiar dice faces and some entirely new ones, such as receiving Support from the humans and also gaining Fame which allows you to activate Ally’s. Any dice you don’t need or would like to save for the next player to enter that zone can be locked in one of the three dice/crystal spaces in the zone you are currently in. You can then spend Energy to buy Power Cards.

Resolve any “End of Turn” effects in any order you choose and then pass all available dice (both Boss and Monster) to the next player and start from the Boss Phase!

The game ends once the Bosses health reaches 0, everybody wins and Monster Island is safe! However, if any Monster (player) begins their Monster Phase at 0 or three Pylons are built on the board or there are no Minions left in the bag and you must draw one, everyone loses and the Boss takes over Monster Island… and then the world!


Not only are there three different Bosses included to try and defeat with increasing levels of difficulty, but each one also has an “Advanced” side to take on!

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