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King of New York: Power Up Expansion

by Iello
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A new challenger joins the New York Monster’s gang: Mega Shark!

Each New York monster now has its unique set of evolution cards to wreak havoc in both King of New York and King of Tokyo. Level up your game like never before.

What’s in the box?

  • 56 evolution cards for King of New York
  • 56 evolution cards to make your King of New York Monsters evolve in King of Tokyo
  • One Mega Shark monster board
  • One cardboard figure and stand

How to play:

Take the eight evolution cards belonging to your monster, shuffle them, and make a draw pile. After the resolve dice phase, if you have rolled at least 3 hearts, you draw two Evolution cards, keeping one in their hand without showing it and discarding the other. Keep your evolutions in hand until you decide to play them, which can even be during another player’s turn if the card’s effect doesn’t specify when to play it.

There are two types of Evolution:

  • Temporary: discard them after use.
  • Permanent: Play them face up in front of you. You benefit from their effect as long as they’re in play.

Each evolution card shows:

  • The name of the monster it belongs to.
  • The type of evolution.
  • The species.
  • The name and effect of the evolution.

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