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Lichen - Reindeer Moss (Icelandic Moss) Dark blue

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An essential item for the modeller, Lichen or Reindeer Moss, is the most versatile material available for making scenery trees and bushes.
Every landscape modeller can achieve fantastic results with just a small amount of lichen and a bit of glue!
Good for railway and war game.
Used to create realistic model trees, bushes and ground cover, it adds detailed texture to Grasslands, Wastelands, Woodlands, Battlefields, the list is endless.

20g packs are perfect so you can buy the colours you want, then inter-mix to create the scene you need.

Customer Reviews

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Mark Burns

As the title suggests I’m going to use this as seaweed. It is perfect for my mirelurk force for fallout. I’d been looking for something like this for ages and once again Athena came through for me. My only wish is that you could mix and match as I only need a little and would like it in a variety of colours. I appreciate though that isn’t very realistic. The product itself is perfect for my needs. Cheers again Athena, good customer service as always.